6 Secrets to Penny Stock Success

Fact is, most people are not cut out to be traders, opportunities for big gains also means potential for big losses, read below to see if you fit the criteria for a good trader!

The 5 most important characteristics of a trader:

  • Discipline: A good trader always plays the game logically, not emotionally.

  • Patience: A good trader sits and waits for their moment to pounce. Act prematurely and you could get burned!

  • Dedication: Have commitment issues? Go work a 9-5. Your competition (fellow traders) are up as early as 4 am preparing for the days trades.

  • Guts: You’re not going to make money trading with $10. If you’re in this for the big gains, be prepared to play with big capital!

  • Perseverance: Good traders know that becoming an over-night millionaire requires hours and hours of commitment.